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Air Plant Care

Use rain water or spring water when misting and watering.

  • Once a week mist your plant thoroughly so that the entire surface of the plant is moistened (but not so much that there is water dripping down into the plant).

  • Every three to four weeks soak you air plant in room temperature water for 20-30 minutes.

  • After Soaking gently shake excess water from your plant, turn it upside down, and place it on a towel in a bright space to dry.

  • From the time soaking ends the plant should be able to dry fully in no more than 4 hours.

  • The hotter and dryer the air (summer, early fall) the more you need to water.

  • The cooler and more humid the air (winter and Spring) the less water your air plant will need.

  • Do all watering in the morning. Evening soaking or misting disrupts the plants ability to respire overnight, and extends drying time.



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